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Store Return Policy

If you experience a manufacture defect within the first 6 months of purchase, we will gladly replace your brush or beauty tool. Please contact us. Please hold on to your damaged item in the case we request for you to send it back to us! We will be happy to replace it. Other than for manufacturer defect, all purchases are final. Thank you for your business.

Store Return Policy

With respect to sales on, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty only for The Wet Brush® products purchased from authorized resellers who are in compliance with our terms, conditions and strict quality controls for resale on Amazon, and who we have confirmed as providing genuine, new and authentic products and not liquidation items. The manufacturer’s warranty will otherwise not apply, and in particular, will not apply to sales of products from unauthorized resellers or for sales of products advertised below MAP, which we consider liquidation items not permitted for resale on Amazon.

The Manufacturer’s Warranty for sales on Amazon is limited to refund or replacement of defective products for 30 days from date of purchase from an authorized reseller. The defective product should be returned to the authorized reseller using Amazon’s return procedure.